Polyurea Flake System


Add a Granite Look to Your Floors

Protecting your floors is essential if you want them to last. Without the right coating, you run the risk of experiencing significant damage and costly repairs. With a polyurea flake system, you can defend your floors against cracks, scratches, and trapped bacteria.

Let Rock Hard Coatings LA cover your concrete floors with polyurea material. This durable, non-skid coating is 100% environmentally friendly, resistant to chemicals and scratches, and customized to your style.

We can apply polyurea to your floors anywhere on your Natchitoches, Alexandria & Dry Prong, LA residential or commercial property. Contact us today to get the protection your floors need at a price you can afford.

Rely on Our Time-Tested Polyurea Flooring Service

Polyurea flooring is simple and quick with Rock Hard Coatings LA. When we apply a polyurea flake system to your floors, we’ll:

Grind down the floors | Apply the base coating | Spread flakes on the surface | Cure the entire floor | Apply a top coat for protection

Trust us for a quick and affordable service that only takes one day. Call Rock Hard Coatings LA to set up a consultation for polyurea flooring service in Natchitoches, Alexandria & Dry Prong, LA.